It’s New Years Eve 2013 and the energy shift for 2014 has already started to gently arrive. 2014 is shaping up to be a very introspective year. The calm and rest before the full power opportunities of 2015 join us. So lets take a minute to get our heads around the current energy journey that our planet and the human souls on it are taking.

It is pretty commonly accepted now that we are in a changing time. The only part that is up for question is ‘how much change?”. My money is on the bigger end of the change opportunity spectrum. Largely I believe this because of the information I have received while channeling and meditating. However if I put that aside for just a minute, it makes sense. If there was ever going to be a time when humans were capable of accepting great and fast change, it would be now. With the information age in full swing, we are more adaptable than ever before.
When I look at it from an intuitive knowledge standpoint, it makes even more sense. For the past 2 to 3 decades, we have been experiencing vibrational lifts and downloads that have not only supported us to know how to grow and move forward, but have also been pushing us to clear karma and past life issues. People have been coming in for healings with intense experiences that are cause by past life curses and hexes etc. Issues that are creating overwhelming health and life problems. The universe is telling us to clear these, and clear them quickly! To do this, they make the experiences more and more intense till we finally seek help. Why?
Well this is my belief/ Understanding.
This planet has had several incarnations. For example, life before ‘Noah’s big Flood’ would have been another incarnation. From the past life images I have seen of this time, I believe, the soul experience on earth in the other earth incarnations was more different than most would think.
You see if we look at the current experience there are fundamental building blocks that are part of everyone’s journey. Gravity, time, cause and effect etc. I also believe that we all have the duel experience of looking at life in the for aspects of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
From my experience the past life experiences based in Pre flood times, Lemuria or Atlantis, do not have the same building block experiences.
While I could write allot more about those memories, the question that should be asked is why is that insight of past earth experiences relevant to life in 2014?

The answer is, because all the signs are pointing to another big shift to another group of life experiences on earth. It is my understanding that this time most of us have asked to stay and experience the shift.
Over the last few years we have been completing the experiences of this era. For example- Karma, tieing up the loose ends of past life experiences and coming to peace with past struggles. Connections with others were often made through a shared experience, often a negative one. People often found themselves over sharing personal information in an attempt to connect on an emotional level. The end of the past ear has been especially focused on learning about emotions and how they work.

To emerge through this aspect of the shift, we are being asked to shift from a “misery” emotional connection focus, into a “celebration” emotional connection focus.  IE When you are looking for that common emotional experience with someone to create a bond, Look for a celebration moment to share. This is the higher vibrational emotional experience.
The majority of society this part of the shift is 80% done. (at least this is what we observe in the clients in the NZ and others countries eg english speaking countries and scandinavia)